There is a popular attraction in Chicago that attracts millions of tourists each year.  However, if you ask them and even the people who live in Chicago, what the name of it is, most of them will proudly and confidently answer, “The Bean.”  That, my friends, is the wrong answer.  The kidney bean shaped attraction located in the center of the AT&T Plaza in Millennium Park is actually named Cloud Gate.
The sculpture created by British artist Anish Kappor took two years to construct. Her inspiration was liquid mercury and true to her vision, the outside shows no visible seams.  After much anticipation and a little mystery, Cloud Gate was dedicated on May 15, 2006.  It’s curved shaped does look like a kidney bean so from day one, it has nicknamed “The Bean.”
I love it because of the way it reflects the beautiful Chicago Skyline from every angle.  Children love to play around it, while others are fascinated with their reflections underneath this popular attraction.
Whether you call it by its rightful name of Cloud Gate or its popular nickname “The Bean,” it is a wonderful spot to visit and take a photo, whether you live in Chicago or not.
Keep your EYE to the sky!
Bonnie DeShong

Co-host of The Traveling Eye