BONNIE’S EYE ON – A Spiritual Journey

One of our recent The Traveling Eye shows was on “Spiritual Travel.”  I find that when I travel there is always a space in time to connect.  When I am at a place near the ocean I like to, at the beginning of my stay, spend some time on the beach and think about all the things I mentally brought with me on the trip. I then walk into ocean, dunk all the way in and release all the stress and baggage.
One of my most memorable journeys was at the ROYAL RESORTS in Cancun, Mexico.  They have a sweat lodge associated with their Spa, but don’t think this is light weight, it isn’t. It’s the real thing complete with a Shaman who will take you on the spiritual journey.  I committed to the experience because I was curious.
The Hut looks like an igloo with a hole in the top and one door to enter.  The Shaman explained that if I felt the need I could leave the hut at any time, however, to try and do it as to not disturb the spirits/feelings inside the hut.
 Before we could enter, the Shaman asked permission from the North, South, East and West.  He then cleansed me with the smoke from herbs. Now it was time to for us to enter the hut. This was when I became a little nervous.  The hut was small, dark, hot, and, did I say SMALL?  I took a deep breath and in I went and sat on the floor around a bed of hot coals.  He then closed the door. Okay, I’m cool.  There was still a hole in the top of the hut that was letting in light and air that is until he closed up the hole and we were in darkness.  The Shaman’s calming voice told me to close my eyes and take several very deep breaths. With each breath I relaxed, my senses heightened, and I was ready for the journey.
The Shaman talked to me about the journey. He asked me questions and I answered. He asked about my dreams and I told him. Sometimes we chanted, sometimes we spoke in silence. We sweated, a lot. By the end of our journey together, I felt as if I tapped into another part of me that I had forgotten or maybe never knew.
After an hour or so it was time to release and leave the hut.  Again, there was a cleansing but I felt different. I can’t explain it, nor do I want to. It is personal and yes, I would do it again.
Sweat Lodge is not for everyone and make sure you do your research on the person, organization and place that is conducting the ritual.  If you decide to step into the dimension, I hope you have a fulfilling experience.
Until next time, keep your EYE to the sky!

Co-host of The Traveling Eye