Beats, Bites & Best of Jamaica

Hello Fellow World Travelers,

I am in Jamaica at the Beats, Bites and Best of Jamaica at Grand Lido Braco. Beats, Bites and Best of Jamaica is an annual event at Grand Lido Braco that highlights the Tastes, Sights and Sounds of Jamaica’s distinctive culture. all day each day is a selection of cooking demonstrations, dance lessons, music instruction, fashion, entertainment and let’s not forget dancing the night away. I arrived Friday, October 10th and the festival had already begun. Actually the festival began on October 7th. I arrived just in time for the J’African Fashion Show. Designs were provided by Shades of Africa. The designs were a of African and Jamaican colors and styles. Fabulous casual and formal dresses and even mens wear. Right after the fashion show I attended a cooking demonstration by Norma Shirley. Norma Shirley is a household name in Jamaica and throught the Caribbean. Ms. Shirley prepared curried crab cakes with an avocado salsa. The crab cakes were delicious. Later in the day was the Caribbean Broilers Jamaica Limited amatuer Chef of the Week Competition. Resort chefs were given ingredients and had to create 5 dishes in 1 hour. The winner was Chef Beason from Hedonism 3 resort in Runaway Bay. His lamb dishes excellent and won him the prize.

Saturday I attended the Braco Brunchins. chef Vinroy Green prepared an Appleton Pot Roast Pork Loin with Papaya BBQ Sauce and Mango Cheese Spread. This afternoon promises to have entertainment by Children of the Drum, an Ice Carving Extravaganza, an Amateur Bartender of the Week Competition, Village Vibz, Grand Fashion Show, Reggae Dancehall and will finish with Kool 97FM, a local radio station, Party Jam.

Thanks to Air Jamaica for an excellent non-stop flight from Chicago to Montego Bay. I was on the beach by noon!

Talk to you soon.