Air Rage

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As I was reading through some crazy travel stories I came across one that sounded odd at first but I must say it could have been written about any one of us who fly on a regular basis. The story was about the overhead compartment on a plane

How many times have you gotten on a plane and went to put your carry on in the overhead compartment over your seat and found that the space has been taken by someone else’s luggage. One would assume that the overhead compartment over each seat is designated for the two or three passengers that are sitting under it. However, in this case, someone has taken your space and there isn’t any room in your compartment nor is there any room near you. Now your bag must go in a compartment away from where you are sitting or the flight attendant takes it from you and whisks it off to some unknown area. How many of you have wanted to stand in middle of the aisle and yell for the person who has taken your space to come and get their bag or worse yet, grab the bag out of the compartment and throw it down and place your bag in its rightful place, over your seat?

A passenger aboard a flight from Singapore to Australia took matters in his own hands, after he balled them into fists, and placed them in the face of another passenger. reported that a passenger got on the flight and there was no room over his seat for his bag so he took the space above someone else’s seat. The second passenger got on and found that his space had been taken, found the passenger of the luggage and “commenced” to hitting said passenger in the face. When I read this I immediately heard Popeye’s voice, “That’s all I can stand and I can’t stands no more”.

Passenger number one was moved to another seat, I assume his carry on luggage was moved with him, and the plane continued on to Australia where the authorities had a special compartment for Passenger number two and his luggage.

On another note, there is the traveler who is just plain rude. They get on the plane and they are sitting in row 19 but they place their luggage in the compartment over row 8 (they would never try this in first class compartments). This person has totally inconvenienced everyone on the flight because of the trickle down effect. Row number 8 can’t place his luggage so he puts it in row number 9 who must now place theirs in row number 10 and so on and so on. Totally rude and inconsiderate.

You don’t hear much about Air Rage. Usually people are pretty tolerant of babies crying, someone’s knees in your back or a child kicking the back of your seat. There is also that one passenger that wants to talk the entire flight when all you want to do is listen to your IPOD or read a book. You may even tolerate that passenger that falls asleep and uses your shoulder for a pillow. However, someone putting their bag in the overhead compartment that is over YOUR seat? Intolerable!

Well, with fees going up on checked baggage and more people are carrying on their bags, there is only so much space in overhead bins so what is a traveler to do? Seriously, I’m asking, WHAT IS A TRAVELER TO DO?

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Bonnie DeShong
Co-host of The Traveling Eye