Hi Everyone!

The Traveling Eye is in Aruba at the Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival!  Not only are we enjoying the festival, which I will get to in future post, but I am having a great time getting to know Aruba the destination.

Our first day was a busy one. With  Ernest Giel, Aruba Tourism Authority Visitor Care Liaison, as our guide, we received an up close look at the east side of the island and experienced a taste of how Arubians live. Aruba is 19.6 miles long and 6 miles wide.  Sounds small but it certainly doesn’t feel like it as you drive along this peaceful and beautiful island.  We drove along beautiful natural areas until we came to the Caribbean Sea. Quite an impressive view of the this body of water that surrounds Aruba.

We stopped at “Baby Beach”, it’s not as big as the other beaches, hence the name, located in Seroe Colorado at the southeastern end of the island.  School children are on vacation this week so there were quite a few families enjoying the shallow waters of the beach. Right on the beach is an Aruba icon of  beach cuisine, “Big Mama Grill.”  Ernest told us that fishermen catch the fish of the day, bring it to the restaurant and it is cooked up right then for you to eat. It is truly the freshest catch of the day.

 We didn’t stop to eat there because Ernest had a lunch treat for us at a restaurant called  Cuba’s Cookin!  It is a quaint restaurant located downtown with beautiful art work on the walls.

Ja’Vonne had the Ceviche del dia made with fresh caught grouper. Not only did it look good, Ja’Vonne said it refreshing and quite good.  She offered to share but I was enjoying my dish to much. And if she shared with me then I would have to share mine with her.  Right?

I had the Confusion Epanadas. Cuban Pastiches filled with beef, chicken, or fish. It was moist, favorable, and the really, really good.

We ate outside while watching the world go by.  The food was good, and the atmosphere was great.

Ernest Giel, Aruba Tourism, Ja’Vonne, Howard Little 

When coming to Aruba, I would suggest you take time out to get to personally know the island and the people.  Both are warm, inviting, and the key to making your trip a memorable one.

Until next time, keep your EYE to the sky!