My favorite memory of the 4th of July was making homemade ice cream.

Most of you think ice cream comes from the grocery store and has all kind of artificial preservatives and such.  Homemade ice cream is a taste like no other.
My Momma would let me help make the boiled custard that became the base for the ice cream. Everyone had their own recipe but the basics are the same, milk, cream, eggs, sugar, a little salt, and vanilla. You cooked it on the stove, stirring constantly.

Daddy would take the ice cream churn which was a wooden tub that had a

Metal canister that went inside, and pour the ice cream mixture into it. He would then place the churning paddle inside and the handle was attached.  

The metal canister went inside the wooden tub and ice and rock salt was packed around it. Then you started to turn the handle.  We kids got to turn first because it was easy but as the ice cream became solid, Daddy had to take over because it became to hard for us. When it was done we couldn’t wait for the paddle to come out of the container and lick off the cold, good, sweet ice cream. OMG, I can almost taste it. 

Now a days, you can get an electric ice cream churner and it takes half the time but if you ever get to do it the old fashioned way, don’t forget to lick the paddle, yumm.

Until next time, keep your EYE to the Sky!

Co-host of The Traveling Eye